Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Warns Congress of Regret Over No-Confidence Motion”

In a spirited defense against the no-confidence motion tabled by Opposition parties in the Lok Sabha, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju conveyed a stern message that the Congress Party would eventually rue its decision. Addressing the assembly, Rijiju expressed his belief that the timing and approach chosen for the motion were fundamentally flawed.

“The manner and timing of this no-confidence motion are deeply misguided. The Congress party will undoubtedly come to regret this course of action,” asserted Union Minister Kiren Rijiju during his speech in the Lok Sabha.

The motion was introduced by Congress Party MP Gaurav Gogoi during the ongoing Opposition protests demanding a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the situation in Manipur. Speaker Om Birla accepted the motion on July 26, marking a significant development in the parliamentary proceedings.

In his discourse, Rijiju didn’t shy away from criticizing the previous UPA government for instances of racial discrimination and injustices faced by individuals from the Northeast residing in the national capital.

“Before 2014, a number of citizens from Northeast India encountered racial discrimination and injustices in Delhi and other major cities across the nation. However, the situation underwent a transformative change after 2014. The very first Director-General of Police (DGP) conference held in Guwahati post-independence underscored the Prime Minister’s directive to ensure the security and well-being of Northeastern citizens,” Rijiju articulated.

The Union Minister also accentuated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dedication to the northeastern states, noting that his focus on understanding and addressing regional concerns has garnered the trust of eight states in the region.

“A leader who genuinely works for the people and comprehends their issues manages to build a connection. Prime Minister Modi’s unwavering dedication and focus on the eight Northeastern states have unequivocally earned him their trust,” Rijiju emphasized.

Directing his remarks towards the Opposition’s I.N.D.I.A coalition – the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance – Rijiju offered a biting critique, suggesting that the coalition’s name holds little significance when their actions seemingly contradict their commitment to India.

“The mere name ‘I.N.D.I.A’ will hardly have any impact when your actions reflect a stance against India,” Rijiju remarked pointedly.

Rijiju concluded his address by highlighting the strength of leadership in the country, affirming that foreign influence over India’s internal matters is now a thing of the past.

“The era where foreign powers dictated India’s decisions has ended. At present, no external force can interfere in our internal affairs,” the Union Minister asserted resolutely.

The no-confidence motion debate, initiated by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi, ignited heated exchanges between the opposition and the treasury benches. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is poised to secure victory due to its majority in parliament, the debate remains significant for eliciting Modi’s response to the ongoing ethnic tensions in Manipur state. The no-confidence motion serves as a mechanism through which any Lok Sabha MP, with the backing of 50 fellow members, can challenge the Council of Ministers. Following the motion’s introduction, a comprehensive discussion on the subject takes place, with proponents highlighting government shortcomings while the Treasury Benches address the concerns raised.

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