Tragic Incident Unfolds: Islamic Cleric Murdered in Ajmer Mosque

In a disturbing turn of events, a cleric was tragically killed within the premises of a mosque in the Daurai area of Ajmer on Saturday morning, according to an official statement.

The victim, identified as a resident of Rampur in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, was confirmed by an officer to be the target of the fatal attack.

Providing insights into the incident, Ravindra Singh, the officer-in-charge of Ramganj police station, informed ANI that the distressing event transpired around 3 am on Saturday within the Kanchan Nagar vicinity of Daurai.

The victim, recognized as a maulana (an Islamic cleric), met his untimely demise within the confines of a mosque situated in Kanchan Nagar, Daurai, within the Ajmer district, the officer revealed.

Upon being alerted about the incident, law enforcement swiftly dispatched a team to the scene, with reports indicating that six minor children were reportedly present within the mosque complex during the time of the unfortunate occurrence.

Addressing the safety concerns surrounding the children, the officer emphasized that the police are diligently working to ensure their protection and extend all necessary support, considering them as crucial witnesses to the incident.

Singh disclosed that preliminary investigations hint at the involvement of three masked assailants in the lethal attack.

In pursuit of justice, authorities are meticulously reviewing CCTV footage from the area to gather additional leads regarding the identity of the attackers and the underlying motives behind the fatal assault, the officer underscored.

As this remains an unfolding narrative, further updates on the investigation are eagerly anticipated.

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