Surprise Inspection by Jalore District Collector and Police Superintendent Uncovers Contraband Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

In anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Jalore District Collector Pooja Partha and Superintendent of Police Gyanchandra Yadav conducted an unannounced inspection at Jalore district jail on Saturday.

The surprise inspection, commencing at 7:00 am and lasting an hour, revealed the presence of telephone numbers and pouches of tobacco among the inmates at Jalore Jail.

Expressing the importance of ensuring a secure jail environment during the electoral period, Collector Pooja Kumari Parth stated, “Keeping the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in mind, a joint inspection of the Jalore District jail was conducted by me and SP Sir. Some papers, numbers, and tobacco products were discovered, which have been seized for further investigation.”

SP Gyan Chandra Yadav added, “We will investigate how the tobacco products reached them. Additionally, as mentioned by the collector, once we have the numbers, we will determine their ownership.”

As of the latest count, there are 68 prisoners in Jalore jail.

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