State Legislative Assembly House Partners with Infinova Cameras for Enhanced Security Measures

In a significant move to enhance security measures, the prestigious State Legislative Assembly House has partnered with Infinova Cameras, a leading provider of cutting-edge surveillance solutions. The primary objective behind this extensive setup is to bolster security protocols and ensure the safety of lawmakers, staff members, and visitors while setting a benchmark for democratic proceedings.

Infinova’s state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system plays a critical role in upholding stringent security standards within the assembly house. Strategically positioned Full HD (FHD) cameras offer high-quality, comprehensive imagery, enabling seamless surveillance of parliamentary sessions, debates, and other legislative activities. These industrial-grade cameras are equipped with advanced video analytics capabilities, allowing proactive tracking and real-time identification of potential security threats.

Respecting the integrity and confidentiality of the legislative process, Infinova has meticulously designed its CCTV system to comply with relevant privacy and data protection laws. Access to surveillance footage is strictly restricted to authorized personnel, ensuring adherence to government-established privacy standards.

The government’s commitment to future-proof security solutions is evident through Infinova’s scalable CCTV surveillance system. The setup seamlessly integrates with the assembly house’s existing security infrastructure, providing a unified and complete security solution.

The collaboration with Infinova reinforces the government’s dedication to ensuring 360-degree safety for lawmakers and staff, safeguarding the institution from any adverse consequences. The sophisticated monitoring system acts as a strong deterrent to potential perpetrators and instills a sense of security among all occupants of the building. Additionally, comprehensive CCTV footage serves as a valuable resource for investigations and subsequent actions in case of any security incidents.

This initiative marks a significant step towards strengthening the security infrastructure in West Bengal, India. The CCTV monitoring system ensures the well-being of all individuals, protects the legislative process, and fosters public confidence in the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe environment for democratic procedures.

“Sourav Paul, AGM-Sales for Infinova handling sales for East India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan,” expressed pride in installing their state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system in the State Legislative Assembly House, contributing to the safety and security of this esteemed institution. Infinova’s advanced technology and commitment to compliance ensure that lawmakers, personnel, and visitors can fulfill their duties in a secure environment. With Infinova’s cutting-edge technology in place, the State Legislative Assembly House can operate with confidence, knowing that their safety and security are fortified by a trusted partner.

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