Special Cell Arrests Two Associates Linked to Notorious Gangs in Dwarka Raid

New Delhi, August 17, 2023: In a significant breakthrough, the Special Cell of the South Western Range (SWR) apprehended two associates of the infamous Himanshu alias Bhau Gang during an operation conducted on August 2. The arrested individuals have been identified as Mohit Sehrawat (29) and Nitin Sehrawat (28), both believed to be integral members of various criminal networks.

Authorities have disclosed that Mohit Sehrawat, a central figure within the Neeraj Bawania and Naveen Bali gangs, was wanted in connection with multiple instances of murder and attempted murder. Nitin Sehrawat, on the other hand, had recently joined this network and was already a proclaimed offender in a case registered at Maidangarhi police station.

Acting on reliable intelligence, a meticulously planned search operation was launched by the Special Cell team on August 2 in the Dwarka area. The team successfully located Mohit Sehrawat in a vehicle along Gurudwara Road near Dwarka Metro Station. Swift action led to the interception and apprehension of both suspects, with Mohit found in the passenger seat and Nitin behind the wheel.

“HGS Dhaliwal, Special CP, Special Cell, stated, “Our dedicated team conducted a meticulous operation, resulting in the successful capture of Mohit Sehrawat and Nitin Sehrawat. We remain committed to upholding law and order and will continue our efforts to dismantle criminal networks operating within the city.”

The operation also yielded a substantial recovery of firearms, indicative of the dangerous nature of these individuals’ affiliations. Specifically, Mohit Sehrawat was found to be in possession of a semi-automatic pistol along with 4 live rounds, while Nitin Sehrawat carried a single-shot pistol accompanied by 6 live rounds.

A case has been officially registered at the Special Cell police station, marking a pivotal step in bringing these criminals to justice. Authorities have emphasized that the investigation remains ongoing as they strive to uncover further insights into the activities and connections of the arrested individuals.

The successful operation underscores the tireless efforts of the Special Cell in combating organized crime and safeguarding the city’s residents. As the investigation continues, the police remain resolute in their mission to dismantle criminal networks and ensure the safety and security of the public.

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