Sachin Pilot Accuses Modi-led Government of Conspiring Against Democracy and Targeting Dissent

Sachin Pilot, a leader of the Indian National Congress, launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi-led central government on Wednesday, alleging a “conspiracy” to exert pressure on advocates of democracy and those who expose those in power.

Pilot participated in a silent protest organized by the Congress in support of Rahul Gandhi, who was disqualified from Parliament due to a conviction in a defamation case. Similar protests were held by the Congress across the country following the recent decision of the Gujarat High Court to deny a stay on Gandhi’s conviction.

During the protest in Jaipur, Pilot claimed that investigative agencies were being misused by the central government, creating an atmosphere of hatred and confrontation in the country. He highlighted the fact that despite Rahul Gandhi’s emphasis on affection, non-violence, and strengthening democracy, he continues to face targeting.

“We will not back down and will firmly express our views. We will confront the BJP on all fronts,” Pilot stated to reporters, adding that the party would engage with people as their votes hold immense power in a democracy.

Pilot expressed confidence that if the Congress leaders fought unitedly, the party would emerge victorious in the upcoming state elections. He also alleged infighting within the BJP in Rajasthan.

Notably, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Pilot, who have been engaged in a power struggle in Rajasthan, appeared to have resolved their differences during a recent meeting with the party’s central leadership in Delhi.

When questioned about the meeting, Pilot stated that all leaders present believed the Congress would regain power in the state. He emphasized that the ruling party would break the trend of the state consistently voting against the incumbent party in each election, pointing to the perceived internal discord and disunity within the BJP.

Pilot asserted that the Congress and its leaders had reached a consensus on his demands, referencing his previous threats to launch a statewide agitation. These demands included an investigation into alleged corruption during the previous BJP government in the state and the dissolution of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission due to alleged paper leaks in recruitment exams.

Regarding the Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Pilot mentioned that new rules were being drafted, suggesting a response to his concerns and demands.

The statements from Sachin Pilot underscore the ongoing political tensions and power dynamics within Rajasthan, as the Congress aims to consolidate its position and challenge the ruling party in the forthcoming state elections.

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