Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s New Show “Dalchini” Set to Premiere on Dangal TV

The eagerly awaited show “Dalchini,” featuring Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, is set to debut on Dangal TV soon. Notably, one of the pivotal roles in the series is portrayed by the talented Maninee De. Sharing insights into her character, she describes Rajrani as a multifaceted persona with a unique superpower—her extraordinary culinary expertise.

According to Maninee, Rajrani’s culinary skills are her superpower, emphasizing precision and proportionality in cooking. The character is a stickler for accuracy, displaying traits of cleanliness obsession and OCD, which she considers her identity and calling card. As the master chef, Rajrani wields control over the household, and her character is rich with complexities.

Maninee delves into the psychological aspect of her character, noting that individuals are not simply black or white but respond to situations, revealing their darker or lighter sides. Rajrani, ambitious throughout her life, finds both weakness and strength in her son, forming a beautiful and intricate relationship dynamic. The storyline unfolds as Rajrani encounters Dalchini, with the son serving as the central focal point.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the role, Maninee shares that the role’s diversity was a compelling factor in her decision to take it up. Regarding her distinctive look in the show, she mentions it’s a unique appearance in her career, aligning with the character’s mood board and the vision of the writer and director. Maninee collaborates with the production couple, Ravie and Sargun, commending them as thorough professionals with extensive industry knowledge. She looks forward to a positive creative relationship with them, highlighting the pure and beautiful energy they bring to the project.

Maninee recounts meeting Ravie at an award function, where he expressed admiration for her work and proposed the show to her. Thrilled to be a part of the production in Chandigarh, she emphasizes the dream-come-true nature of the opportunity and expresses her admiration for the entire cast and crew. Dreamiyata Entertainment, the production house, is lauded for their respect and welcoming atmosphere, making her feel at home in the project.

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