Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Approves Upgrade of 6204 Mini Anganwadis to Model Centers

Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari demonstrated a proactive stance towards the development of anganwadi centers by giving the green light to the transformation of 6204 mini Anganwadi centers into model Anganwadi centers. This move, aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, aims to strengthen integrated child development services under the Women and Child Development Department.

The upgraded Model Anganwadis, equipped with essential facilities, children’s growth monitoring devices, toys, books, and furniture, are set to commence operations on March 1. Diya Kumari emphasized that this initiative is in line with the state government’s commitment, led by Chief Minister Bhajan Lal, towards the healthy, educated, and well-nourished development of children, as well as the empowerment of women.

In addressing the challenges faced in the past, Diya Kumari highlighted the previous difficulty in operating mini Anganwadis managed by only one worker. Elevating these 6204 mini Anganwadis to main Anganwadis will resolve this issue, as main Anganwadis will now have one worker and one assistant, ensuring smoother operation.

Furthermore, Diya Kumari noted that the existing mini Anganwadi workers in these 6204 centers will be promoted to main Anganwadi workers. The recruitment process for 6204 new assistants for these upgraded Anganwadis will also commence, facilitating better implementation of government schemes for the well-being of mothers and children across the state.

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