Rahul Gandhi Criticizes PM Modi’s Handling of Manipur Crisis, Accuses BJP of Neglect”

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach to the ongoing crisis in Manipur, asserting that while the situation in the northeastern state could be resolved within a matter of days, the Prime Minister seems content to let the turmoil persist. Speaking at a public rally in Rajasthan’s Mangarh on the occasion of the International Day of World’s Indigenous People (Tribal Day), Gandhi accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of “murdering” the essence of Bharat Mata (India) in Manipur.

Gandhi vehemently decried the ongoing violence and atrocities in Manipur, where lives have been lost, children and women have been subjected to violence, and the state’s inhabitants are grappling with turmoil. He emphasized that Manipur is suffering under the BJP’s ideology, which, according to Gandhi, has failed to address the crisis and allowed it to escalate.

During his speech, Gandhi expressed his dismay over the Prime Minister’s silence on the Manipur issue. He highlighted that while MPs from the Opposition alliance, including himself, visited the troubled region to assess the situation, Prime Minister Modi has not addressed the crisis publicly nor visited the affected area.

The rally in Mangarh also provided an opportunity for Gandhi to pay homage to the tribal heroes who sacrificed their lives during the freedom struggle. He emphasized the significance of learning from tribal communities on how to establish harmonious relationships with nature, emphasizing the importance of preserving water, forests, and land. Gandhi criticized the BJP’s policies regarding tribal lands and highlighted their term “Vanwasi” for tribals, suggesting a move to take away tribal lands and allocate them to corporations like Adani.

The Mangarh Hill, where the rally took place, holds historical importance for the Bhil community and other tribes across Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. It was the site of the Mangarh massacre in 1913, during which British forces opened fire on tribal protesters led by Shri Govind Guru, resulting in the martyrdom of around 1500 tribals.

This rally marked Rahul Gandhi’s first visit to any state following his reinstatement as an MP after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction in the Modi surname case. The leaders of the Rajasthan Pradesh Committee have been actively engaged in the region for the past few days, further highlighting the significance of the event and the issues discussed.

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