Prime Minister Modi Launches Scathing Attack on Congress Government Ahead of State Elections

In a fervent campaign address on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a comprehensive critique against the Congress government, asserting that under their rule, the state had achieved “number one” status in “riots, crime, corruption, and paper leaks.”

With today marking the final day of campaigning in the state before the polls on November 23 and results slated for December 3, PM Modi concluded his campaign, expressing confidence that the BJP would form the government in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.

During a rally in Rajasthan’s Deogarh district, PM Modi assured the crowd that if the BJP secured victory, the state would rise to “number one” in tourism, investments, industries, and education. He contrasted this vision with his claim that the Congress had elevated Rajasthan to the top position in negative aspects during their five years of rule.

Accusing the Congress government of halting previous BJP-led governments’ schemes upon assuming power, PM Modi stated, “Five years ago, when Congress came to power, they stopped all our schemes.” He pledged that if the BJP returned to power on December 3, they would resume and advance schemes that benefit the people of the state.

PM Modi emphasized the necessity of a strong government for the state’s development and proclaimed the BJP’s alliance with the ‘Janata Janardan.’ Out of the 200 assembly seats, 199 will be contested on November 25, as elections in the Karanpur constituency were adjourned due to the passing of Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar.

In the 2018 elections, the Congress won 99 seats, while the BJP secured 73. Ashok Gehlot assumed the Chief Minister position with the support of BSP MLAs and independents.

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