PM Modi Schools Opposition During No-Confidence Motion Debate, Stresses on Economic Growth

During his response to the debate on the no-confidence motion on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need for responsible opposition and criticized their lack of questioning regarding the government’s vision to make India the third-largest economy within five years.

The Prime Minister underscored that a responsible opposition would have raised inquiries about the government’s plans to achieve such economic growth. He remarked, “Yeh bhi mujhe hi sikhana pada raha hai (I have to teach this too).” PM Modi expressed his surprise at having to educate the opposition about the process.

PM Modi also addressed the opposition’s performance over the years, noting that he had given them five years to prepare and make improvements, but they had failed to do so. He questioned their current state by asking, “Kya haal ho gaya hai aapka (What has become of you)?”

Reflecting on the past, PM Modi recounted that the opposition had previously brought a no-confidence motion against his government in 2018, ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He stated that he had referred to it as a “floor test” for them at the time, and they failed to meet the challenge, subsequently losing the elections.

In a somewhat ironic turn of events, PM Modi highlighted that the opposition’s attempts at a no-confidence motion seemed to bring luck to his government. He jokingly remarked, “In a way, Opposition’s No-Confidence has always been lucky for us.” He then suggested that the opposition might attempt another no-confidence motion in 2028.

PM Modi continued to stress the importance of consistent planning and hard work, asserting that the government’s efforts would continue to drive reforms and performance. He reiterated the goal of making India the third-largest economy, expressing confidence in achieving this target. He humorously predicted that by the time the opposition brings another no-confidence motion in 2028, the country would already be among the world’s top three economies.

The Prime Minister’s response not only focused on the current political debate but also highlighted his vision for India’s economic growth and development over the coming years.

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