PM Modi Outlines Vision for Developed India by 2047, Dismisses Opposition Fear-Mongering

In an interview with ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated his vision for an advanced India by 2047, while addressing concerns raised by the opposition regarding potential changes to the constitution under BJP governance.

Emphasizing his commitment to national development, PM Modi assured that his decisions aim at comprehensive progress, without intimidating anyone. He underscored the ongoing initiatives for national welfare and acknowledged the continuous need for improvement, stating, “This is just the beginning.”

Regarding the 2047 vision, PM Modi shared insights into the meticulous planning underway for the past two years. Drawing from public feedback and expert consultations, he outlined plans for holistic development aligned with the aspirations of millions of Indians.

With the 100th anniversary of India’s independence approaching in 2047, PM Modi stressed the significance of setting ambitious goals and fostering a sense of collective purpose across the nation.

Addressing the choice presented in the current and upcoming elections, PM Modi juxtaposed the Congress and BJP models, highlighting the BJP’s performance-driven approach over its tenure.

Looking ahead, PM Modi pledged to accelerate the pace and scale of development, focusing on comprehensive progress across all sectors. He reiterated his dedication to serving the nation with unwavering commitment and integrity.

Reflecting on past achievements, PM Modi recalled the transformative initiatives undertaken within the first 100 days of his previous term, underscoring his proactive governance style and responsiveness to pressing national issues.

Concluding his remarks, PM Modi reaffirmed his unwavering dedication to serving the nation, emphasizing his role as a custodian of trust and a steward of India’s future.

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