PM Modi Ensures Recovery of “Every Penny Looted” Following Raids on Congress MP

In response to the recent tax raids in Odisha and Jharkhand, where crores of rupees were seized from Congress MP Dhiraj Prasad Sahu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the opposition, emphasizing that it is “Modi’s guarantee” that every penny “looted” from the public will be returned.

PM Modi expressed this assurance in a post on social media, accompanied by a news report detailing the Income Tax department’s recovery of over Rs 200 crore in cash from various locations linked to Dhiraj Prasad Sahu.

In the post, PM Modi urged the public to examine the recovered notes and contrast them with the purportedly honest “speeches” of opposition leaders. He reiterated, “Every penny looted from people will have to be returned. This is Modi’s guarantee.”

Income Tax officials conducted raids on the residences of Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu in Jharkhand and Odisha, leading to the recovery of significant cash amounts exceeding Rs 200 crore. The raids were carried out over two consecutive days, targeting locations including Boudh Distilleries Private Limited (BDPL) in Odisha and Jharkhand on Thursday.

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