PM Modi Asserts BJP-Led NDA’s Victory in Mega Rally, Hails Women’s Participation

During a massive public gathering in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed confidence in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) return for a third consecutive term under his leadership, declaring that the nation would once again choose ‘Phir ek baar Modi Sarkar’ (Modi government again).

Taking a jab at the opposition bloc, PM Modi asserted their defeat in the initial phases and predicted further setbacks in the ongoing third phase of polling. Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, he highlighted the importance of women’s participation, praising their traditional attire and the vibrant atmosphere they brought to the event.

PM Modi emphasized the significance of democratic participation, sharing his own experience of casting his vote earlier in the day in Gujarat. He lauded the spirit of democracy showcased by the attendees, likening their engagement to familial celebrations.

As nine parliamentary seats in Madhya Pradesh go to polls in the third phase, PM Modi’s rally aimed to rally support for the BJP in the state. Dhar, among the constituencies polling in subsequent phases, will participate in the fourth and final phase alongside seven others on May 13.

The Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh are conducted across four phases, with the first two phases already completed in April. Vote counting for all phases is slated for June 4. With 29 Lok Sabha constituencies, Madhya Pradesh holds significant electoral weight, ranking sixth among all states in terms of representation in the Lower House.

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