NDA Floor Leaders to Convene Ahead of Monsoon Session of Parliament

In preparation for the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament, the floor leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) are scheduled to gather at the Parliament Library Building on July 19. The meeting aims to address crucial matters and discuss parliamentary business that will be conducted during the session.

The monsoon session of Parliament is set to commence on July 20 and will run until August 11. Union Minister Pralhad Joshi took to Twitter earlier to announce the start of the session, stating, “Monsoon Session, 2023 of Parliament will commence from 20th July until 11th August. Urge all parties to contribute towards productive discussions on Legislative Business and other items during the Monsoon Session.”

During this session, there will be a total of 17 sittings spanning over 23 days. Minister Joshi appealed to all political parties to actively engage in constructive contributions to the legislative agenda and other parliamentary matters.

The monsoon session will be conducted in the old building of Parliament, providing a familiar setting for the deliberations and debates. Meanwhile, opposition parties are also preparing to challenge the government on various issues, indicating that lively discussions and robust exchanges can be expected during the session.

The monsoon session of Parliament serves as a significant platform for lawmakers to address critical matters, introduce new legislation, and hold the government accountable. With the floor leaders convening ahead of the session, there is an opportunity for fruitful discussions and effective parliamentary business to take place, as representatives from different political parties come together to shape the legislative agenda and fulfill their responsibilities towards the nation.

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