Modi Assures Strictest Punishment for Crimes Against Women, Vows to Restore Peace in Manipur

In a resolute stance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has affirmed the commitment of both the state and central governments to reestablish peace in Manipur, while guaranteeing the harshest penalties for those involved in crimes against women. The Prime Minister’s statement came during his response to a no-confidence motion directed at his government.

“Serious crimes against women are unforgivable,” Prime Minister Modi emphasized, highlighting the grave nature of such offenses. He further reassured the public that every possible effort is being made to ensure that the perpetrators face the severest consequences for their actions. “I want to assure the people that peace will be restored in Manipur in the coming time,” he added.

The Prime Minister extended his support to the people of Manipur, particularly women and daughters, by asserting, “I want to tell the people of Manipur that the country stands by you.”

The Opposition had brought forth the no-confidence motion against the NDA government in response to concerns surrounding the situation in Manipur. Demanding a statement from the Prime Minister within the Parliament regarding Manipur, the Opposition had sought clarity on the matter.

Responding to these demands, Prime Minister Modi accused the Opposition, specifically the Congress party, of lacking the willingness and courage to engage in a meaningful discussion on the Manipur issue. He revealed that attempts had been made to initiate a dialogue on the matter, but the Opposition had chosen not to participate, casting doubts on their intentions.

As Prime Minister Modi addressed the Parliament, members of the Opposition staged a walkout from the Lok Sabha in protest.

In a sharp rebuke of the Opposition, Prime Minister Modi criticized their selective approach to issues and their preoccupation with political maneuvering. He raised questions about the historical actions of the Congress party and its governments in Manipur, highlighting instances where decisions contradicted the interests of the people. The Prime Minister asserted that the public’s lack of confidence in Congress is evident across various states, reflecting the party’s inability to connect with the people beyond politics.

The no-confidence motion debate concluded with Prime Minister Modi’s forceful defense of his government’s stance and actions, asserting his commitment to addressing the concerns raised by the Opposition and reassuring the nation that Manipur’s peace will be restored.

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