Liberia’s Presidential Election Headed to Runoff, George Weah Falls Short of Majority

Liberia’s presidential election is now headed for a runoff, following the announcement by the country’s election management body that none of the 20 candidates running for the presidency were able to secure the required 50 percent plus one threshold, as mandated by Article 83, Clause 3 of the country’s constitution.

Incumbent President George Weah, running for re-election as part of the Coalition for Democratic Change, garnered the highest number of votes with 804,087, representing 43.83 percent of the valid votes cast. Nevertheless, he did not meet the necessary threshold, necessitating a second round of voting.

George Weah’s primary rival, Joseph Boakai from the Unity Party, received 796,961 votes, equivalent to 43.44 percent. With no candidate able to achieve the required majority, the results of the October 10th election will be decided in a second round of voting scheduled for November 14.

The upcoming runoff election is poised to attract significant attention as the people of Liberia determine their nation’s leadership for the next term. The initial results underscore a fiercely competitive race between President Weah and his opponent, Joseph Boakai, as they contend for the country’s highest office.

The election management body will continue to oversee the electoral process, ensuring a fair and transparent runoff election in accordance with Liberia’s constitutional guidelines. The election’s outcome is of great importance to the nation’s political landscape, and citizens eagerly await the final results after the second round of voting.

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