Lawyers’ Association Urges Merit-Based Selection Process for Supreme Court and High Court Judges

In a significant development, a prominent lawyers’ body has issued a call for reforms in the process of appointing and elevating judges to the Supreme Court and high courts.

Emphasizing the importance of meritocracy, the association asserts that appointments and elevations should be solely based on an individual’s merit, advocating for a fair and transparent selection process to ensure the highest caliber of judges in the judiciary.

Adish C Aggarwala, chairman of the All India Bar Association, while speaking to the media here also said that court proceedings should ideally be video-recorded and that the retirement age of judges in the apex court, high courts, and the subordinate judiciary should be raised.

He also said that retired judges should not be appointed to any tribunal or commissions.

On the issue of appointing judges to high courts, Aggarwala was also against chief justices of high courts being chosen from the high courts of other states.

“Chief justices coming from other states maybe not in a position to make just and proper administrative decisions, as they are usually unaware of the local factors,” he contended.

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