Kerala Chief Minister Slams Media for Spreading Baseless Lies on Loka Kerala Sabha Conference

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has strongly criticized certain media outlets in the state for disseminating unfounded misinformation about the ongoing American Regional Conference of the Loka Kerala Sabha. He accused them of fabricating controversy where none exists and spreading baseless lies.        
Addressing a gathering on Saturday after inaugurating the American Regional Conference of the Loka Kerala Sabha, a non-resident Keralites’ convention in New York, Vijayan said such media houses were humiliating the state by spreading lies.
The regional conference of the Loka Kerala Sabha was marred by controversy after allegations cropped up that money was being charged from expatriates to stand or sit close to Vijayan during the three-day programme.
“Some people in our state have tried to create a controversy out of this conference. A section of media including a few which claim to have the largest circulation, was also part of this. One of the media houses even published an editorial and announced their sick mentality through it.” 
Vijayan quoted various news reports, including the one which claimed that money was being collected for standing or sitting close to him during the three-day programme.
“When I reached here, some of you came and stood next to me. How much did you all pay to stand like that?” Vijayan asked and said some in Kerala were “spreading news that you have paid some lakhs of money to stand or sit next to me”.
He said everything happening in connection with the Lok Kerala Sabha was transparent and sponsorship was a common thing for such conferences.
“Those who are making such allegations, are also holding such programmes through sponsorships,” Vijayan said.
He said when the Loka Kerala Sabha events are happening in Kerala, the state government bears the expenses but for the conferences happening in other regions like Dubai or London, or New York, the organisers bear the expenses.

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