IT Raids Conclude with Seizure of Rs 50 Crore Worth of Jewellery and Rs 3.25 Crore Cash

The Income Tax (IT) department has completed the assessment of jewellery seized during raids conducted in Pali, Pipliya Kalan, and Jodhpur. Preliminary information reveals that officials have estimated the value of the seized jewellery to be approximately Rs 50 crore.

The recovered jewellery, made of gold and silver and adorned with precious stones, was confiscated from the three targeted groups. While the investigation on Friday did not reveal additional cash, the total amount of cash seized during the raids remains substantial, exceeding Rs 3.25 crore.

In addition to the cash seizures, IT officials also confiscated foreign currency amounting to about Rs 15 lakh. The raids, which concluded at five locations on Friday, are ongoing at six locations across the three cities of Pali, Pipliya Kalan, and Jodhpur late into Friday night.

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