Indian Navy Chief to Visit Ladakh, Encourages Youth to Join Maritime Force

New Delhi: Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar is set to make his first visit to Ladakh in the first week of July, aiming to inspire and encourage young individuals from the Union Territory to join the country’s maritime force.

In an interview with ANI, the Navy Chief explained the purpose of the outreach mission, stating, “The outreach mission is primarily because, with the Agniveer scheme that we have started, the vision of the Prime Minister is that we should have at least one Agniveer from every village.” The Agniveer Scheme, introduced in June 2022, focuses on the recruitment of soldiers in the armed forces, with the soldiers being referred to as Agniveers. It does not pertain to officer positions within the forces. The training of the first batch of Agniveers under the Navy commenced in November 2022.

Admiral Hari Kumar emphasized the Navy’s goal of achieving representation from all districts of India, stating, “When we did a study, we found that currently, we have representation from about 656 districts out of all the districts of India, which is about 85 percent. We are trying to make it 100 percent in the coming years.”

The Navy Chief highlighted that the Navy is actively reaching out to regions with low representation in the service, particularly the northeast and Ladakh. He mentioned previous initiatives such as visiting Nagaland and organizing car rallies in Rajasthan and along the coastal areas from Kolkata to Lakkpat in Gujarat. These efforts aim to raise awareness about the Navy among the youth and encourage them to consider joining.

“In Ladakh, we have sent a bike rally and a car rally. They interact with schools, youth, and the local population. Currently, we have only seven sailors and one officer from Ladakh in the entire Navy, which is quite low. So our effort is to interact with them and create awareness,” the Navy Chief added.

The visit to Ladakh by Admiral Hari Kumar is part of a larger initiative to engage with different regions of the country and promote the Indian Navy as an attractive career option for the youth.

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