Home Minister Amit Shah Labels Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion Against Modi Government as ‘Politically Motivated’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah voiced his strong criticism against the recent no-confidence motion brought by the Opposition against the Modi government, labeling it as a politically motivated endeavor aimed at creating a false impression. Shah underscored that despite holding a majority in the House, the Opposition chose to initiate the motion to deceive the public.

Participating in the debate on the No-Confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Amit Shah emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instilled renewed hope among the country’s marginalized population. He affirmed that there is an unwavering faith in PM Modi’s leadership, and no signs of a lack of confidence exist within the nation.

Shah highlighted that PM Modi’s government is the only one since India’s independence to garner the trust of the majority of citizens. He hailed PM Modi as the most popular leader, known for his tireless dedication to the welfare of the people. The Home Minister applauded PM Modi’s work ethic, noting that he consistently works up to 17 hours a day without taking a single leave.

Furthermore, Shah contended that the no-confidence motion serves as a test for the true character of the Opposition parties in the country. The motion was initiated by MP Gaurav Gogoi, following the Congress party’s tabling of the motion on Tuesday.

The Congress justified their move by asserting that it was essential to break PM Modi’s “maun vrat” (vow of silence) concerning the situation in Manipur. The region had been experiencing unrest due to clashes between Meitis and Kukis, two tribal communities, after the Manipur High Court recommended adding one of these communities to the Scheduled Tribes list.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing his second no-confidence motion during his second term in office. The motion has sparked considerable debate in the Lok Sabha as the nation closely watches the proceedings.

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