Himachal Pradesh Minister Clarifies Amid NCP Turmoil: No Congress Leaders Joining BJP

In the midst of the ongoing turmoil within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh Cabinet Minister Vikramaditya Singh emphasized that there is no likelihood of any Congress leader defecting to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). However, he acknowledged the possibility of BJP leaders joining the Congress party in the state.

Singh, while addressing the media in Shimla on Thursday, assured that the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh is stable, and there is no cause for concern similar to what is happening in Maharashtra or other states. He expressed confidence in the unity of Congress leaders in the state and their collective commitment to the development of Himachal Pradesh.

Singh also accused the BJP of attempting to create an atmosphere of instability in the state. He urged the opposition to cooperate with the government in fostering progress instead of making baseless statements.

Highlighting the economic situation in Himachal Pradesh, Singh blamed the previous BJP government for leaving behind a debt of 75,000 crores. He held the BJP responsible for the current financial challenges faced by the state.

Regarding his remarks on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Singh clarified that he was advocating for unity in diversity. He emphasized that the Congress party will follow the decisions taken collectively and that all members will stand by them.

Earlier, Singh sought to clarify his statements made on Saturday regarding Congress’s support for the Uniform Civil Code. He stated that the Congress party has always represented the diverse segments of Indian society and stressed the importance of consensus-building before implementing any laws. He reiterated that the party stands with the national sentiments and unity of the Indian people.

Amid the political landscape in Maharashtra and the wider NCP turmoil, Singh’s clarification aims to address any potential concerns regarding party unity and stability within Himachal Pradesh while highlighting the commitment of Congress leaders to the state’s progress.

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