Former Dacoit Malkhan Singh Joins Congress, Citing Corruption Concerns and Commitment to Justice

In a notable development, former dacoit Malkhan Singh officially joined the Congress party on Wednesday. The event took place at the party’s Bhopal office and was attended by former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and Leader of Opposition Govind Singh.

Singh, who had previously been associated with the BJP, expressed his reasons for switching parties. He stated, “Today I am joining the Congress party after quitting the BJP. I had campaigned for the BJP and thought it to be a principled party, and it will work with principles. But I have not seen so much corruption that the Congress has not done damage in 50 years as much as BJP has done in the last 20 years.”

He emphasized his commitment to justice and opposition against injustice, asserting, “I am not a leader who does politics. I will never compromise against atrocity. If there is injustice and oppression in the public, then I will oppose it and will never compromise with it.”

Malkhan Singh had surrendered in 1982 during the tenure of then Chief Minister Arjun Singh. Recalling his surrender, he mentioned, “Former PM Rajiv Gandhi took the initiative for my surrender. My demand was the 100 bighas of land for Ramjanaki temple in the area and when the land was granted for the temple, I surrendered before the then CM Arjun Singh.”

The joining ceremony also saw BJP leader Suhani Kushwaha and former District Education Officer Santosh Sharma aligning with the Congress party.

Kamal Nath welcomed Malkhan Singh to the Congress party, addressing the prevalent issues in the state. He remarked, “Today every class is troubled and the future of the youth is in darkness. Corruption is going on everywhere.”

Nath highlighted the challenges faced by tribal communities on World Tribal Day, pointing out that Madhya Pradesh has witnessed an alarming rise in tribal atrocity incidents. He criticized the deteriorating law and order situation and women’s safety in the state.

Taking a playful jab at Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Nath remarked on a power outage during the joining ceremony, attributing it to Chouhan’s “artwork.” He also commented on the Chief Minister’s numerous announcements, claiming that the “announcement machine is running at double speed.”

Malkhan Singh’s decision to join the Congress party underscores the ongoing dynamics of political realignments and concerns over governance and justice.

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