District Education Officer in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur Implements Precautionary Measures for Christmas Programs in Private Schools

In anticipation of the Christmas festivities, the District Education Officer in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh, has issued a directive urging all private schools in the district to seek explicit permission from parents before involving students in Christmas programs. A formal notice has been released, emphasizing that students chosen by schools to participate in Christmas events or portray characters such as Santa Claus and Christmas tree must obtain written consent from their parents.

The notice explicitly states that students should not be permitted to partake in the event without the explicit written permission of their parents, aiming to prevent any potential unpleasant situations. In the event of complaints or disputes related to this matter, the notice warns of disciplinary action against the institution.

Vivek Dubey, the District Education Officer, explained to ANI, “Cultural programs are a common occurrence in schools, but sometimes these programs have a religious undertone, with children from different faiths assigned religious characters to portray, which may not align with their own beliefs. While such events are generally conducted harmoniously, occasional disputes and complaints do arise, necessitating considerable time for resolution.”

To mitigate the likelihood of future disputes, all educational institutions are strongly advised to organize religious programs without involving children of different faiths in skits or fancy dress events. If such involvement is deemed necessary, schools are instructed to do so only with the written permission of the guardians, according to Dubey.

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