Despite AAP Ministers’ Pledges, Toxic Foam Surfaces in Yamuna Amidst Chhath Pooja Celebrations

As the four-day ‘Chhath Pooja’ festival kicks off, the Yamuna river in the national capital, particularly in the Kalindi Kunj area, is covered in a layer of toxic foam, contradicting assurances from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders about cleansing the sacred river. The presence of toxic foam has ignited a political blame game between the BJP and AAP.

AAP minister Atishi, who previously inspected the Burari Ghat, reiterated a commitment to addressing the issue promptly. She stated that the application of food-grade chemicals and enzymes through a team on 10 boats would eliminate the toxic foam within the next two days. However, she urged the Uttar Pradesh government to refrain from sending polluted water to Delhi.

In a separate inspection, AAP MLA and Vice-chairman of Delhi Jal Board, Somnath Bharti, downplayed the harm caused by the foam, asserting its harmlessness. Bharti assured the public that this would be the last occurrence of foam in the water, attributing its creation downstream to water falling from a height. He mentioned ongoing chemical dosing to eliminate the foam from the river water.

The toxic foam, a result of high phosphate content in the Yamuna river, poses potential risks, including skin and respiratory problems. Despite concerns, the Delhi High Court declined a plea on Wednesday seeking permission to organize Chhat Puja at the Yamuna riverbanks.

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