Delhi Court Upholds AAP MP Sanjay Singh’s Arrest in Delhi Liquor Policy Case

Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court declared that the arrest of AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case was neither unjustified nor unreasonable. Sanjay Singh was apprehended by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesday, following more than 10 hours of questioning, and has been remanded in the custody of the central agency until October 10.

The court asserted that the arrest of the AAP MP was warranted, citing ED’s allegations that Sanjay Singh had direct involvement in the receipt of Rs 2 crore in proceeds of crime linked to the Delhi liquor policy case. According to the investigative agency, Sanjay Singh received the funds from Dinesh Arora, who is now an accused-turned-approver in the case.

Additionally, the court noted that Dinesh Arora’s statements corroborated Sanjay Singh’s participation in the alleged irregularities, emphasizing that there was no evidence to suggest that Arora’s statements were tainted.

Furthermore, the court deemed the continued custodial interrogation of Sanjay Singh as “necessary” to trace the complete flow of the received amount and to investigate related activities comprehensively.

The court clarified that the “veracity” of statements made by Dinesh Arora and others against Sanjay Singh would be assessed during the trial proceedings, adding that “for the purposes of the investigation, such statements must be considered and taken into account.”

Prior to his arrest, Sanjay Singh had released a video message to his party supporters, expressing his readiness to confront the situation without fear. He mentioned his consistent efforts to raise concerns about alleged corruption involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gautam Adani, along with complaints filed against Adani’s purported corruption to the ED. Sanjay Singh expressed his dismay that despite the absence of any incriminating evidence during a raid on his residence, he was taken into custody by the ED.

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