Delhi: 80 Jail Officials Moved Following Tillu Tajpuriya’s Murder

Weeks after gangster Tillu Tajpuriya was killed inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail, 80 more Delhi prison officials were transferred on Thursday. 

Tajpuriya was stabbed to death on May 2 inside Tihar Jail. Tajpuriya was allegedly killed by members of the rival Jitender Gogi gang. Gogi was shot dead inside a Delhi court in 2021.

The 80 Delhi prison officials transferred include five deputy superintendents. The transfer order was issued on Thursday following directions of Delhi Prisons Director General Sanjay Beniwal, a senior jail official said, adding that this is a “routine transfer”.  

According to the order, 80 officials have been transferred within the three jail complexes of Tihar, Mandoli, and Rohini. The officials posted in the Headquarters of Mandoli and Tihar jail complex have also been transferred, the jail official said. 

Five deputy superintendents, nine assistant superintendents, eight head warders, and 58 warders are among those who have been transferred, he added.

The latest transfer order comes days after Beniwal had ordered the transfer of 99 officials, including assistant superintendents, deputy superintendents, head warders, and warders. 

This series of transfers come in the wake of the killing of 33-year-old Tajpuriya. The incident was viewed seriously by the authorities which prompted a streamlining of things and also necessitated the need for ground-level changes.

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