‘COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ Offers Refreshing Take on Family Dynamics, Defying TV Stereotypes

In a significant departure from the traditional saas-bahu narratives dominating television screens, COLORS’ latest offering, ‘Mangal Lakshmi,’ is capturing audiences with its poignant portrayal of sisterly bonds and the complexities of familial relationships. The show follows the journey of Mangal and Lakshmi, two sisters determined to uphold each other’s dignity amidst societal pressures.

At the heart of the narrative is Mangal’s mission to find a respectable spouse for her younger sister Lakshmi, while Lakshmi, in turn, empowers Mangal to confront her husband’s frequent humiliations. However, a viral video featuring Lakshmi and Kartik sends shockwaves through their lives, leading to unexpected consequences. Despite the turmoil, Kusum, Mangal’s mother-in-law, emerges as a beacon of support, reshaping the conventional portrayal of mother-in-law characters.

Urvashi Upadhyay’s portrayal of Kusum Saxena stands out as a testament to resilience and solidarity, highlighting the unbreakable bond between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Her performance adds depth to the storyline, showcasing the collective efforts of Mangal and Kusum in overcoming obstacles together.

Reflecting on her role, Urvashi Upadhyay expresses her enthusiasm for the show’s innovative approach to family drama, challenging stereotypes and shedding light on the often overlooked virtues of mothers-in-law. Through her character, Urvashi aims to inspire positive societal change, emphasizing the diverse strengths of women and the importance of supportive familial relationships.

Don’t miss the captivating saga of ‘Mangal Lakshmi,’ airing exclusively on COLORS every day at 9:00 PM, offering a refreshing perspective on women’s resilience and empowerment.

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