Car Submerged in Flooded Underpass as Monsoon Showers Continue in Gujarat

Navsari: In the midst of relentless monsoon showers in Gujarat, a car became trapped and submerged in a flooded underpass at Mandir Gam, Navsari on Friday.

With the assistance of the Fire department and local residents extending a helping hand, the car and its four occupants were rescued from the submerged vehicle. Meanwhile, the western state of Gujarat continued to face heavy monsoon showers on Thursday, resulting in extensive waterlogging in the Navsari region.

Earlier, top climate scientist Vijin Lal had predicted heavy rainfall in Gujarat for the next two days. “Heavy to very heavy rains will occur in Gujarat in the next two days. After two days, the intensity of the rainfall will reduce,” Lal told ANI on Thursday.

The Meteorological Department had also forecasted heavy rainfall in the South Gujarat region on June 29 and 30, with the intensity of rainfall expected to decrease from July 1 onwards.

The southwest monsoon is currently at an advanced stage and active throughout the country, according to the Met department. Several states are anticipated to receive heavy rainfall in the coming days.

Naresh Kumar, a senior scientist at the India Meteorological Department (IMD), stated on Thursday, “Monsoon is in its advanced stage and active. We can see clouds over Konkan, Goa, central India, as well as the Northeast states. The low-pressure area from the northwest bay has now shifted to the central part of north Madhya Pradesh. In the coming two days, Madhya Pradesh may witness heavy to very heavy rainfall, with over 12 cm of rain expected.”

Kumar also mentioned that strong winds are expected along the west coast of the country due to low-pressure conditions. Additionally, he predicted heavy rainfall in East and Northeast India over the next five days. “East and Northeast India is expected to receive heavy rainfall in the next five days, due to moisture-laden winds from the Bay of Bengal,” added the IMD scientist on Thursday.

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