BJP Rajasthan Unit Announces New Spokespersons and Media Panellists

In anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, CP Joshi, the chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajasthan unit, declared the appointment of new spokespersons and media panellists for the state on Sunday. The release of the list, following the instructions of Rajasthan BJP President CP Joshi, occurred late on Sunday night.

The list comprises 23 new state spokespersons and 14 state media panellists within the Rajasthan BJP. Senior leader Mukesh Pareek has been assigned the role of state office in-charge.

The newly appointed spokespersons for the BJP in Rajasthan include Kuldeep Dhankad from Jaipur, Laxmikant Bhardwaj from Sikar, Ashok Saini from Hanumangarh, Pooja Kapil Mishra from Alwar, Madhoram Chaudhary from Nagaur, and Himanshu Sharma from Ajmer.

State panellists featured in the list include Chetan Prakash from Bikaner, Hitendra Sharma from Kota, Vikas Barhat from Jaipur, Rajesh Chaudhary from Nagaur, and Atal Khandelwal from Sikar.

In a significant reshuffle, Rajasthan BJP President CP Joshi had earlier announced the formation of a new state team on Friday, leading to changes in key positions. The subsequent release of the list of new state officials on Friday night encompassed 10 state vice presidents, 5 state secretaries, 13 state ministers, one treasurer, and one assistant treasurer.

This strategic restructuring, involving the exclusion of certain prominent leaders and the promotion of others, indicates a deliberate effort by the BJP in Rajasthan to inject fresh perspectives and dynamics into the party as the crucial Lok Sabha elections approach.

Simultaneously, the BJP Scheduled Caste Morcha State President in Rajasthan unveiled a new list of office bearers. The team comprises seven state vice presidents, including Ramakrishna Verma, Omprakash Jediya, Shailendra Chauhan, BL Naval, Lalit Lakhwal, Bhajanlal Rolan, and Anju Jatav. Additionally, three general ministers and seven state ministers were included in the panel, reflecting a comprehensive restructuring within the party in the state.

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