BJP Mahila Morcha to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan by Tying Rakhis to Drivers

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Mahila Morcha is gearing up for a unique and heartwarming celebration of Raksha Bandhan this year. In a gesture of appreciation and solidarity, the party’s women’s wing is set to tie rakhis to drivers across the nation. The initiative, guided by BJP Mahila Morcha national president Vanathi Srinivasan, reflects a commitment to honor the contributions of drivers in various sectors.

Vanathi Srinivasan conveyed the plan in a conversation with ANI, revealing, “We have decided that for three days from August 28 to August 30, all the drivers of autos, rickshaws, and buses in the country should celebrate the festival by tying rakhi.” This thoughtful gesture is a way to acknowledge the efforts and roles of drivers who play a pivotal role in keeping transportation systems running smoothly.

Srinivasan elaborated on the regional adaptations of the initiative, stating that in Bihar, the Mahila Morcha members will tie rakhis to boat operators. Moreover, in coastal regions across the country, rakhis will also be extended to both boat operators and fishermen.

Last year, the BJP Women’s Wing notably celebrated Raksha Bandhan by tying rakhis to security personnel and police personnel as a tribute to their dedication and sacrifices. This year’s focus on drivers resonates with the Mahila Morcha’s commitment to recognizing and honoring individuals from various walks of life who contribute to the nation’s progress and well-being.

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