Bhumi Pednekar Shares Fond Memories of Jaipur, Reveals Emotional Connection

In recent social media updates, actor Bhumi Pednekar disclosed her heartfelt connection with Jaipur, the city where she was shooting for her upcoming project. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Pednekar posted a series of videos and pictures from her time in Jaipur, expressing her deep affection for the city.

Jaipur holds significant sentimental value for Pednekar as it’s where she spent her childhood visiting her grandparents’ home. In her post, she reminisced about carefree summers spent with cousins, feeling loved and cherished. However, after the loss of her grandparents, she felt disconnected from the city. Pednekar shared that being an actor allowed her to rediscover lost places and memories, rekindling her bond with Jaipur during her 45-day stay.

Pednekar is gearing up to portray the role of a cop in the upcoming web series ‘Daldal’, directed by Amrit Raj Gupta and based on Vish Dhamija’s novel ‘Bhendi Bazaar’. The series delves into the life of Mumbai’s newly appointed DCP Rita Ferreira, navigating the complexities of her past while investigating a string of murders.

Simultaneously, Pednekar has been lauded for her portrayal of a journalist in the recent release ‘Bhakshak’. The film, directed by Pulkit and produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma, follows the journey of a determined woman seeking justice. Alongside Pednekar, ‘Bhakshak’ features a talented cast including Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and Sai Tamhankar. Currently streaming on Netflix, the film has garnered praise for its powerful narrative and performances.

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