Assam Chief Minister Prioritizes Dealing with “Hussain Obama” in India over Arrest Speculation

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma responded to a social media post speculating about the Assam police arresting former US President Barack Obama over his remarks on the alleged vulnerability of minorities in India. Sarma claimed that there are many “Hussain Obama in India” and emphasized that his priority will be addressing them.

Taking to Twitter, the Chief Minister stated, “There are many Hussain Obama in India itself. We should prioritize taking care of them before considering going to Washington. The Assam police will act according to our own priorities.” Sarma shared a post by a prominent journalist who had questioned whether the Assam police would travel to the US to apprehend the former US president. The journalist also asked if an FIR had been filed in Guwahati against Obama for allegedly hurting sentiments.

The tweet alluded to the recent filing of FIRs against opposition leaders in Assam for their remarks in different parts of the country. Assam police have previously travelled to various locations, including arresting Congress leader Pawan Khera in February and apprehending then-Independent Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani last year.

Obama had made comments in an interview with CNN, expressing concern about the protection of religious and ethnic minorities in India. He stated that if the rights of these minorities are not upheld, India may “pull apart” in the future.

The Assam Chief Minister’s response indicates that his focus will be on addressing internal issues related to the rights of minorities in India rather than pursuing action against Obama.

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