Ashton Gray Investments Hosts Successful Grayvolve Event in Bengaluru, Unveils ‘Georgetown’ Project

Ashton Gray Investments, a renowned real estate development and investments firm based in Texas, proudly organized its highly anticipated Grayvolve event in Bengaluru on June 23, 2023. The event served as a significant platform for Ashton Gray to establish valuable connections with trusted channel partners and investors while announcing their latest venture, ‘Georgetown.’ This project presents an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in prime real estate investments in the United States.

Sudharshan Vembutty, the Founder & President of Ashton Gray Investments, expressed his excitement over the tremendous success of the Grayvolve gathering and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from channel partners. Vembutty stated, “The resounding success of the Grayvolve event in Bengaluru is truly thrilling. It provided us with an invaluable opportunity to engage with our esteemed channel partners and investors, allowing us to showcase the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. The overwhelming response reaffirms the strong relationships we have built and the trust our partners continue to place in us.”

During her address, Sumi Rengaraj, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ashton Gray Investments, shared the company’s journey and emphasized the potential of the new venture as a lucrative investment prospect. Rengaraj highlighted, “We are excited to introduce the Georgetown project, offering investors a unique opportunity to invest in a 5.6-acre commercial site in Georgetown, Texas. Developed in collaboration with the nationally renowned master-plan developer Johnson Development, this project will feature top-tier homebuilders, making it an appealing prospect for commercial development.”

Rengaraj further emphasized the strategic location of the Georgetown project near Parmer Ranch and Sun City, with convenient access to major arterial highways. She believes these factors, combined with the inclusion of high-quality homebuilders, will attract families and homebuyers, ultimately enhancing the commercial site’s value and expanding its investment potential. Rengaraj added, “Georgetown offers promising school districts, the upcoming Wildflower House Amenity Center, and proximity to the Bar W Marketplace Shopping Center, making it an enticing environment for a thriving community and a fertile ground for investment opportunities.”

In addition to the Georgetown project, Ashton Gray Investments has partnered with Johnson Development for a 523-acre venture named Nolina. As part of this collaboration, they plan to repurchase a 23.2-acre commercial site for future development.

Ashton Gray Investments strongly emphasizes the importance of collaboration and synergies between channel partners and investors in uncovering exceptional investment opportunities and ensuring mutual success. The Grayvolve event, a flagship initiative by Ashton Gray Investments, serves as a vibrant platform designed to forge connections with channel partners and investors.

In addition to launching the Georgetown project, Ashton Gray Investments introduced Elmbase, an innovative tech-driven platform catering to real estate enthusiasts and investors. This platform provides users with an exciting avenue to explore, connect, and engage with the latest deals and opportunities.

With over 13 years of successful real estate development experience, Ashton Gray Investments has garnered recognition and accolades for its commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence. Their robust portfolio encompasses luxury spec homes, subdivisions, multi-family properties, retail centers, senior living communities, and master-plan developments.

Investing with Ashton Gray offers numerous advantages, including easy entry, diverse investments, worldwide investment opportunities, swift returns due to short tenures, and secure investments through their vertically integrated model. With a flawless performance record for over a decade, Ashton Gray Investments continues to deliver substantial returns and exceed investor expectations.

Eligibility for investments extends to Indian citizens, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), Limited

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