Army Officer Robbed in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar: Two Arrested

Delhi Police swiftly apprehends two suspects involved in the robbery and recovers stolen mobile phones.

In a recent development, Delhi Police successfully apprehended two individuals responsible for robbing an Army officer at Malviya Nagar in Delhi. The incident occurred on the night of September 12 at Triveni Complex, Malviya Nagar.

The victim, an Army officer, reported the incident to the police on September 13. According to the complainant, he had approached a person in the parking complex of Triveni Complex to ask for a lighter. Unexpectedly, the individual began verbally abusing him and attempted to restrain him from behind. To his shock, two more individuals joined in and subjected him to a severe assault. During the assault, they also looted his belongings, including two mobile phones, a credit card, Voter I-card, and Rs 10,000 in cash.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Delhi Police initiated a case under sections 394/411/34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at PS Malviya Nagar and launched a thorough investigation.

A specialized team was formed to investigate the incident. They meticulously collected and analyzed relevant CCTV footage, which provided crucial insights into the culprits’ identities. Several patrol teams were deployed in the area to search for suspects, and local informers were engaged to gather vital human intelligence.

As a result of these intensive efforts, the investigators identified three suspects, namely Mithun alias Deepak, Mukul, and Bobby, from the CCTV footage. The police subsequently circulated their photographs within the law enforcement network to ascertain their identities.

Two of the suspects, Mithun alias Deepak and Mukul, were successfully arrested, and they confessed to their involvement in the crime. Additionally, two of the stolen mobile phones were recovered.

Efforts are currently underway to locate and apprehend the remaining absconding accused, Bobby.

This swift action by Delhi Police demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of citizens in the region.

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