Angry Defendants in 2016 Bomb Blast Case Smash Window at Kollam Court

Tempers flared at the Kollam court premises when two individuals accused in a 2016 bomb blast case grew frustrated with the delay in court proceedings, leading them to shatter a windowpane, as reported by the Kollam West police.

The incident occurred on Monday during the scheduled hearing of the accused. Expressing their dissatisfaction with the procedural delays, the accused became agitated and resorted to breaking the glass of a nearby window. The disruptive episode unfolded at approximately 2:30 pm within the premises of the Kollam court.

These two individuals had been apprehended in connection with a bomb blast incident that transpired inside the Kollam Collectorate premises back in 2016, causing injury to one individual.

In a separate incident last year, authorities discovered eight high-capacity homemade explosive devices concealed in sacks beneath a culvert in Kizhakkal, falling under the jurisdiction of Kannavam police station in Kannur district. Swift action by the bomb squad led to the safe defusal of the potentially hazardous situation.

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