Adivasi Congress Accuses Modi Government of Disrespecting Tribal Communities at Parliament Inauguration!

The All India Adivasi Congress has accused the Modi government of insulting tribals by not allowing the country’s first tribal president, Droupadi Murmu, to inaugurate the new Parliament building. They have announced a nationwide protest against this move on May 26. The Adivasi Congress criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for inaugurating the building instead of the president, stating that it is an insult to democracy.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh echoed the sentiment, highlighting that the former president, Ramnath Kovind, was not invited to the foundation laying ceremony, and now the current president, Droupadi Murmu, is not allowed to inaugurate the new Parliament.

The Adivasi Congress emphasized that under Prime Minister Modi, the constitutional rights of Adivasis and Dalits are not secure, and forest and environmental laws have been undermined to the detriment of tribal communities.

Adivasi Congress chief Shivajirao Moghe expressed his disappointment, stating that as the first tribal and woman president, it is an insult to tribals and women that the prime minister is inaugurating Parliament instead of the president. He questioned if this treatment is because they are tribals and called for the president to inaugurate the new Parliament building.

In response, 20 opposition parties, including the Congress, Left, TMC, SP, and AAP, announced their boycott of the inauguration, stating that the “soul of democracy has been sucked out.” The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance criticized the opposition’s stand, calling it an affront to democratic ethos and constitutional values.

The Adivasi Congress announced statewide protests on May 28 against the decision, considering it a blatant insult to the highest office of the land. Bellaiah Naik Tejavath, vice-chairman of the All India Adivasi Congress, condemned the government’s decision as suppression of SC/ST communities and Modi’s autocratic approach. Protests in the form of rallies and demonstrations will be held at prominent statues across the state.

The Adivasi Congress aims to peacefully protest against the government’s policies targeting tribals, emphasizing the need for the president to inaugurate the new Parliament building.

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