AAP Slams Delhi LG over Law and Order After Robbery Incident in Pragati Maidan Tunnel

Saurabh Bharadwaj criticizes LG’s focus on non-relevant matters and calls for improved law enforcement

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) launched a scathing attack on Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) V K Saxena on Monday, citing the recent robbery incident where a delivery agent and his associate were held at gunpoint inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel. Delhi Cabinet Minister and senior AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj criticized the LG for not effectively addressing the law and order situation in the national capital, accusing him of diverting attention from his constitutional responsibilities.

Bharadwaj emphasized that the LG has been entrusted with the authority to handle law and order, police, and land matters according to the Constitution. However, he alleged that the LG has shown interest in areas beyond his jurisdiction, neglecting crucial issues related to public safety. The AAP leader asserted that criminals in Delhi have no fear of the law, pointing out that the robbery took place in a high-profile VIP area just before the city is set to host the G-20 summit.

Highlighting the lack of confidence in the police among the common people, Bharadwaj mentioned several recent incidents of crime. He stated that the public hesitates to intervene in criminal incidents due to the fear of being implicated in legal matters. Bharadwaj also expressed dissatisfaction with the allocation of police resources, suggesting that the Delhi Police should establish a separate force dedicated to managing VIP arrangements rather than compromising the safety of the general public.

Bharadwaj called on the LG to conduct surprise inspections at police stations to assess their functioning. He emphasized the LG’s accountability to the people of Delhi and urged him to prioritize law and order issues over other administrative matters. Furthermore, Bharadwaj demanded the reinstatement of the thana-level committees, which were discontinued without any valid reason eight years ago. These committees consisted of local MLAs, Station House Officers (SHOs), and civil society members who convened monthly meetings to discuss and address law and order concerns at the grassroots level.

According to the police, the robbery incident involved four unidentified men who allegedly waylaid a car inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel on Saturday. The delivery agent and his associate, who were transporting Rs 2 lakh to Gurgaon, were robbed at gunpoint during the incident.

The AAP’s criticism of the LG reflects concerns over the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi and highlights the need for swift action to restore public trust in the police and ensure the safety of citizens.

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